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2021 MAY

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"Mind Games."

It's Mental Health Awareness month and this month's issue focuses on addressing the problem.

Featuring TTMO Elite Model


Photo by ED WASSON

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Texas Teen Models Official is an organization committed to promoting teen individuality and positive growth. Our main goal is to teach teens to value their uniqueness by inspiring them to embrace their individuality; maintain a high level of integrity and personal accountability; participate in bettering their communities; and to love, respect, and value all life. TTMO  Magazine delivers its positive message through creative teen modeling. The resulting photography is then published monthly and is available digitally or in print.

If you're a teen who strongly believes in these values, contact us today so we can help tell your story in words and photos. We're currently seeking teen writers, teen photographers, and teen models to submit content for 2021. Contact us today for more information.

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