Texas Teen Models Official (TTMO) is an organization dedicated to encouraging the development of a positive lifestyle in our young adults. TTMO also helps promote local businesses and creatives through collaborative efforts with members of Team TTMO. TTMO is based in Dallas, TX and operates primarily in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, however, we are open to travel for mutually beneficial opportunities.





Our main goal is to inspire positive growth in teens by adhering to the following message:​​


“Through love, respect, and good will towards others, true beauty can be found in all of us.”


Although the TTMO team is composed of experienced teen models, modeling and participating in creative photoshoots are just a portion of what we do. TTMO tries to promote the beauty within us all. We believe true beauty begins with the positivity and kindness that we share with the world around us.


TTMO tries to develop this by instilling a strong sense of positivity, integrity, individuality, diversity, equality, personal accountability, and dedication to each person’s work. TTMO delivers this message by recognizing these young individuals via TTMO magazine and through various social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.


TTMO strongly encourages the improvement of our team members by requiring that each member regularly participate in positive activities including community service projects, assisting their peers whenever possible, and making public appearances to encourage our mission statement with others.


By reinforcing these positive values, we believe our young adults can grow to be strong members of society who understand that through love, respect, and good will towards others, true beauty can be found in all of us. ■