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2021 Issue

For our very last issue of TTMO magazine, I want to wish our supporters and followers a fond farewell by encouraging them to prepare for the future.  Gen Z, I believe in you.  I know that with the right tools and mind set, you can not only accomplish the goals you set for yourself, but become the benevolent leaders this world so desperately needs.  The last four years have been some of the most rewarding of my life.  I would like to thank the TTMO Elite Team Models and parents for their creativity, passion for our cause, and the hours dedicated to magazine production.  I would like to thank the TTMO Elite Creative Team of photographers, makeup artists, and stylists for the countless hours they dedicated to inspiring and empowering Gen Z using TTMO magazine as a vehicle.  Their are still good people in this world and you are truly among the Elite. A special thanks to my Lead Photographer, Co-Editor and Art Director, Ivan Flores, for supporting me through it all, for always putting forth his best efforts in taking TTMO to the next creative level, and for never asking for anything in return.  Ivan, I am in awe of your many talents-you are an artistic genius and a true friend.  To all of you, I will forever appreciate your service and tireless efforts.  You are part of my family and I treasure all of the wonderful memories we have made together.  Thank you for being part of this journey!

-With Much Love and Gratitude, Amy Stevens

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