Below are the themes we have planned for each month in 2021. Feel free to contact us for more information on each theme to help with planning your content for a future issue.

June 2021 • "Pride in Everyone" 

Photos due May. 20th

Pro-LGBTQ rainbow issue. Preference will be given to vibrant, colorful photography or rainbow-colored themes.

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July 2021 • "Your Ideal Shape is a Healthy One" 

Photos due Jun. 20th

TTMO's annual special swimsuit issue. Preference will be given to outdoor photos.

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August 2021 • "What Does the Future Hold?" 

Photos due Jul. 20th

Interpret the future however you like. Could be a high-fashion utopia, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, or any other creative view of the future.

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September 2021 • "What Moves You?" 

Photos due Aug. 20th

Lifestyle, editorial, or cinematic images depicting candid scenes or action shots. Photos that appear posed will not be accepted.

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October 2021 • "Character is Everything" 

Photos due Sep. 20th

Atypically creative makeup, special effects, or cosplay.

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November 2021 • "Thankful for Friends & Family" 

Photos due Oct. 20th

Photos depicting more than one person only. Preference will be given to candid, joyful images.

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December 2021 • "Like A Boss" 

Photos due Nov. 20th

Strong, bold imagery.  Interesting, avant-garde or high fashion suits are a plus!

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Previous Themes

January 2021 • "BE U" 

Photos due Dec. 20th, 2020

Open theme, but preference will be given to images depicting the subject doing something they enjoy.

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February 2021 • "Never Stop Dreaming" 

Photos due Jan. 20th, 2021

Black and white photography only. Preference will be given to bold images.

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March 2021 • "Learning to Laugh, Love, and Live during the 'New Normal'"

Photos due Feb. 20th

Images depicting outdoor, natural settings or concepts featuring your subject overcoming the difficulty of pandemic life.

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April 2021 • "The Concrete Jungle" 

Photos due Mar. 20th

Images that depict the encroachment of the big city.

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May 2021 • "Fluctuations in Our Minds" 

Photos due Apr. 20th

Your interpretation of mental health topics. Preference will be given to creative and/or abstract concepts.

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