Black and white photo of TTMO Elite Team Model, Madison Partee wearing a stylish black dress.




TTMO is always looking for high quality content showcasing teens expressing themselves creatively. If you would like to submit content for consideration, please review the guidelines below:

1) All content published in our magazine features teens from the ages of 13 to 19.

2) Photography submissions must be submitted via our Kavyar page and include the names of all team members responsible for the creation of the photograph, including model(s), photographer, photo editor, makeup artist, hair stylist, and clothing stylist. Instagram or Facebook tags for all team members must be included as well. 

3) Submitted images must meet the following format requirements:

  • Submit 8 to 16 photos that follow the theme of the month.

  • Image size minimum 3300px x 5100px, maximum 4024px x 6048px

  • JPEG format: 8-bit sRGB color profile saved at very high quality (10 on the JPEG quality dialogue box slider)

All photography submissions must include written permission from both model and photographer for publication.

4) All submissions must be appropriate for viewers under 18 meaning no nudity or implied.


Click here to read our TTMO style and submissions guide (PDF).

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